Brent Collier

Editor + Filmmaker

Brent wanted to write his bio using only movie titles. After 20 attempts (and developing slight carpal tunnel syndrome), he determined a straightforward approach was better.

Brent came to Tennessee in 2007, after studying media arts and design at James Madison University in Virginia. Deciding early in life that he wanted to tell stories through video, he set out on a quest to watch every movie ever made. Immediately regretting that overwhelming task, he scaled back and life has been easier since then. His background includes editing award-winning documentaries, shooting video for multiple shows on HGTV and the Travel Channel, and getting you to read his bio.

Brent still spends his free time watching movies (in theaters) but has integrated a few outdoor activities as well to maintain a balance.

Brent is married to Kasey, and they are rocking the good life with their two-year-old son, Reece, who keeps everyone on their toes with his constant barrage of questions and fearless antics.