Erick Baker

Tennessee Uncharted Television Show Host

Erick Baker graduated from the University of Tennessee in the summer of 2001 with a degree in Public Relations, which he has yet to do anything with. Instead, Erick has ended up making a living as a singer-songwriter and a television show host. He did not have background in music or acting – unless you count singing in the congregation on Sundays. He didnt grow up singing or playing music. He never had voice lessons, and he taught himself how to play guitar. With his music, he always relied on passion instead of skill.

The first time he seriously considered pursuing a career in music was on May 9, 2007, after opening up for John Legend at Knoxville's Tennessee Theatre. 

At the time, he was in graduate school, working on a masters degree in English. A local promoter heard him perform at a songwriter showcase a few weeks earlier and, remarkably, offered him the gig. He went from performing in a noisy bar for 15 people who could care less to a sold-out theatre of 1,500 who intently listened to every word he sang.  The guy that walked on stage that night wasnt the same guy that walked off. One set, six songs in just thirty minutes, changed his life forever. Since then he has performed in front of crowds of over 10,000 people, shared the stage with amazing artists, and has toured the world performing and touring for troops stationed overseas.

Music has been one of the greatest blessings in his life. Its given his life purpose. Without music, he may have never met the two greatest loves of his life, his wife, Mandy, and his daughter, Annabelle Rose Baker. His songs belong to every right turn and wrong turn that has led him here. They reflect the pieces of poetry hidden in the experiences that lie within each of our everyday lives. 

Now, he is currently taking a break from touring to pursue and new adventure, one that has led him back home. Erick has lived in Tennessee his whole life, and now the mountains and rolling hills are calling him back home where he belongs. Erick is the host for the PopFizz produced television show Tennessee Uncharted giving him the opportunity to discover how great his home state is, one adventure at a time. Our lives are full of uncharted places, and this show is about getting out and exploring those places because you never know where they may lead you. Erick confesses that the outdoors helped raise him, along with his parents, who gave up more than enough to teach him what it means to love. So when he feels the wind in his hair or the mud between his toes, he knows he is right where he needs to be.