Taylor Walters


Taylor Walters has been an advertising professional for the last nine years. After receiving a degree in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt University and pursuing post graduate work in the field, she realized that a professional life devoid of creative pursuits would never leave her satisfied. At that point, she accepted an internship in copywriting and began familiarizing herself with the ins and outs of the advertising world. Six years later, after accepting a corporate promotion as a Senior PR Manager, she quickly became aware of the fact that her heart and professional passions would forever lie in the day-to-day strategy, logistics, and execution of the Broadcast Production field. Not long after, Taylor stepped away to pursue a full-time career behind the camera in Feature Film and Commercial production. 

To date, Taylor has worked on over a dozen full-length feature films, as well as over 600 local and national commercial broadcasts productions, to include Diet Coke, NFL, Duracell, UPS, Jack Daniels, Vogue, Allstate, and Keds. Her familiarity and experience with Advertising, Public Relations, and Production have allowed her to assume pivotal roles in managing both grassroots, as well as large scale campaigns from concepting through to completion. Most recently, Taylor joined the PopFizz team after accepting the role of Producer for their latest PBS broadcast series, Tennessee Uncharted.

Outside of work, Taylor is an avid runner, climber, backpacker, and kayaker. After moving to East Tennessee in 2013, she stays busy many outdoor activities the area has to offer, namely rock climbing, whitewater, and angling.